Mescalero:  a Thoroughbred who was briefly at the track, Mescalero is perhaps the most popular horse with our riders.  A very sweet guy who aims to please.

Cayalle: A flashy gray Arabian gelding, and my favorite horse to ride.  He got an extra dose of personality, and under saddle he's a joyful animal!

Prima Dahna:  The lovely Prima Dahna, she is a senior citizen, a beautiful gray Arab mare, and another favorite of mine.

Timpanic: A large bay Thoroughbred gelding from the track.  A very personable fellow.

Stormy:  A former racehorse & former broodmare,  A really classy lady, still recuperating.  

Frenchie:  Also from the track, and recuperating as of this writing.

In Memorium:

Big River:  Big River died on March 20, 2014.  It was the first day of spring, kind of a good day for him to die because he didn't like the summer heat and flies.  He was 28 years old, and he'd had a great life with us.  He was a big, handsome, fun-loving Quarter Horse with lots of friends, often mistaken for a fancy warmblood.

Fairlight:  We miss our gray Arab mare, Fairlight, who died in April 2010.  Many, many people rode her and loved her. 


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